WIN System - Activity Report

You can access Reports from two points, one on the top of the dashboard screen and one in the dashboard.  If entering reports from the dashboard icon, you go directly into the Activity Report.  If selecting the drop down menu from the top tab, you may select to open Activity Reports, eBadge Reports or Certificate Reports. All reports are course specific. Depending on your login role, reports can be generated according to site, class, facilitator and individual learner.  You can generate a report according to start and end dates or with no parameters set, the report will show data for all time on the system.  Reports can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Organization Activity Report

Site Activity Report

The site level report displays a listing of students enrolled in the system and the summary activity associated with each.

Specific Learner Activity Report

The individual learner performance report provides a detailed listing of all scored activity. Certificates can only be printed from the Certificate Report.