WIN System - Instructor Dashboard

When instructors log into the portal, they will see a dashboard like the one below. The first column shows the total eBadges earned by students associated with the instructor in each WIN Learning course. At the bottom of the first column is the total number of eBadges earned. The middle column shows the daily, weekly, and monthly average of courseware usage for all students assigned to the instructor. At the bottom of the middle column is the total number of enrolled students and a reminder of the date and time of the most recent data update. The last column provides access to the WIN Learning courses for the instructor. The Reports tab directs you to a reports page where you can see individual student progress or group progress. These reports can be downloaded and saved. 

In addition to these primary dashboard tools, links are provided at the top of the dashboard screen to offer optional access routes to courses, reports and resources. Here, too, are links to your Admin menu options, help/contact information, and user profile.

Instructor Dashboard