PBT - Administrator Role

1. Responsibilities in the Paper-Based Test Administration Process

a. The administrator will serve as the supervisor of the Career Readiness Assessment for their organization.  They will oversee the test administration for their organization, ensuring:

i. The Career Readiness Assessment Order Form is completed and submitted to WIN Learning.

ii. Every site has the proper testing materials including test booklets, answer sheets, instructions, return label, and Test Material Tracking Form. Note: Calculators and scratch paper (blank or graphed) are allowed but not provided by WIN Learning.

iii.  The box WIN Learning used to ship the test materials to you is retained and used to ship materials back to WIN Learning. 

iv. Instructors have reserved the testing location(s) (if applicable).

v.  All testing materials (used and unused) have been returned to WIN Learning using the original box.

2. Ordering the Paper-Based Tests

a. To order the Career Readiness Assessment in paper-based format, please complete the Paper-Based Test Order Form.  The Paper-Based Test Order Form can also be obtained on the WIN Career Readiness System Resource Center under the Paper Assessment section or by contacting WIN Sales at sales@winlearning.com or 888-717-9461 Option 1.

b. All blank spaces on the Paper-Based Test Order Form must be completed before the order can be processed. 

c. Send the completed Paper-Based Test Order Form to the email address sales@winlearning.com or to the fax number 865-381-0654. 

d. A confirmation email will be sent to the point of contact on the order form with the shipment tracking number, the number of tests ordered, the expected arrival date, and important next steps to be completed before testing.

3. Receiving the Test Materials at the Testing Location

a. It is the responsibility of the administrator to lock all testing materials in a secure location until the test is ready to be administered. The administrator should follow the state and organization’s existing policies regarding the handling of secure content. Due to the Career Readiness Assessment being comprised of “high stakes” tests, it is very important to handle the serialized test material with the highest level of security. Administrators must confirm all materials were included in the shipment as indicated on the Test Material Tracking Log. 

Note: All test material must be sent back to WIN Learning. If there are extreme circumstance that a test needs to be destroyed, please contact WIN Learning at 865-717-9461 Option 1 for approval.

b. Test Materials

i. Test Booklet: The test booklet includes a cover page that will have a Test ID and Version. 

ii. Answer Sheet: The answer sheet is also provided with the test booklet. The learners must bubble in their name, WINCRS ID, and date of birth. 

iii. Instructions: The instructions included in the shipment are Important Before Testing Instructions and this Assessment Administration Guide. 

iv. Test Material Tracking Log: The Test Material Tracking Log will be used to track the test materials being sent and received by WIN Learning. The Test Material Tracking Log will include Test ID, serial numbers, quantity, date shipped, and shipping address. The Test Material Tracking Log will also have a place for the administrators to confirm the materials received, date received, and return shipment tracking number for when materials are shipped to WIN Learning.  Before returning the test materials, make a copy of the Test Material Tracking Log for your records.

v. Return Label: A return label will be provided in each shipment to return ALL testing materials when testing is complete. Note: All serialized testing materials must be returned to WIN Learning in one complete shipment. Please use the return label and original shipment box sent to you by WIN Learning to return the tests.

c. Missing or Incorrect Materials: If inventoried materials are not correct, the administrator should contact WIN Sales immediately at 888-717-9461 option 1 or sales@winlearning.com. Any missing materials reported will be replaced immediately. Each shipment will have tracking information to enable WIN Learning and the organization to track delivery of the shipment.